New Partnership - Continued Progress for Social Emotional Learning

January 21, 2016

jea_logo_RGB_Accelerator.jpgToday, we are excited to announce a new relationship with the Jefferson Education Accelerator (JEA). 

For more than a decade, Agile Mind has been dedicated to making a difference, every day, in the lives of the educators and students we serve. We are excited by the results of our work with committed district partners, incorporating social-emotional learning strategies and noncognitive capabilities with rigorous core curricula at scale, in classrooms in urban, exurban, and rural communities across the nation. The results in Hillsborough, Florida, as referenced by Donna DeSena in today’s press release, are an important example of that collaboration.

Building programs that empower teachers and support meaningful and sustained improvements in student success at scale is neither easy nor quick, but it is incredibly important. Validating the effectiveness of those programs is a significant additional investment of resources and time, but necessary to confirm that the programs achieve their purpose. As a result, we choose our development and research partners carefully. We are privileged to work with leaders in research, policy, and practice such as the Charles A. Dana Center, UIC, BSCS, NSF, IES, and others. These organizations share our vision--both of the goals we pursue and the methods by which we work to achieve them.

We believe JEA will contribute greatly to the company’s momentum. They prioritize supporting companies that focus on changing outcomes by putting the latest research into practice and demonstrating effectiveness with rigorous study, and they recognize that our work over ten years is enabling us to achieve that goal. They bring unique expertise and knowledge to Agile Mind that will help us build better programs and more effectively partner with educators to support student success.

In the end, our success as a company is the result of the success of the educators and students we serve. JEA embraces this belief and will be an important partner in helping us realize our mission.